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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  July 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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wimbledon title. this is the 17th grand slam title and that is putting him back on top and that is an exciting match to watch. >> yeah. >> and that is so long since a brit won. >> right. >> and there is plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning, it's strat up 5:00 on this monday, july 9th. the temperatures, can you believe it? 79 and oughtys most of the time and -- 80s most of the time and some storms are in the area. i'm sarah simons. >> and i am wisdom martin. >> the crews are working around the clock to restore power after the round of severe storms rind throughout area and this is where things stand.
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four,0 seven dominion customers in northern virginia are without power. pepco is reporting more than 2,000 outages and bg&e is reporting less in ann arundel, howard, prince georges and montgomery counties. >> and there is some school closures this morning. they're closed for a lack of air conditioning and in ann arundel county, brooklyn park, crofton woods, lake shore and pershing hill are closed because they don't have electricity and all school- sponsored activities have been cancelled. >> and let's check on tucker with the weather. >> expel who take it over what he we -- we will have. >> right. >> and that grass needs water, i would think. >> it's scorching.
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>> brittle and charred. >> brown and dry. >> and that is what the dessert in nevada is looking like. the showers much needed and some thunderstorms are moving through and the cold front is to the south of the area and watching the showers and storms ride along the northern edge of it and i think we will see the rain here and this morning, early this afternoon, probably a bit of a break and mostly cloudy and some more showers this afternoon. the best chance is south of washington and to cocleanual beach and fredericksburg, the best chance of showers and storms and into that southern maryland, too. 76 at bulles -- dills; 77 at bwi marshal and some high temperatures in the 80s and that is not to 95 and above. 85 in washington and annapolis, and almost everywhere. >> and i love it.
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i felt like when we were walking around this weekend. >> right. >> that you would step outside and can barely walk. >> it was bad. >> and the heat is causing major trouble on some roadways. several lanes on eastbound route 50 and they were shut down yesterday. the roads buckled from the heat and according to the maryland state highway, the lanes have been reopened for the morning commute and light get the latest. >> reporter: so far so good and working around the capitol beltway and to the wet pavement. in some areas, depending on where the storms are and that is some extra time on the roads and the lanes are open and to bowie. no problems to report there and the traffic is flowing freely here and to duke straight and
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semmary -- seminary road and some lanes are opened and to tyson andha is that check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our big story this morning, the cleanup efforts are underway in frederickburg, virginia. >> and melanie alnwick has the latest. melanie? >> reporter: look at the building behind me and as you look to the front of it, come around to the side. when you look at the side, that is when you get a sense of the damage. i will walk slow here. look at this and there is nothing left. this used to be a dance studio. the national weather service is going to send a team here on to monday. the strong thunderstorms that ripped through the area on
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sunday evening. can you see the damage is severe and we're on fleming street in fredericksburg and there is nothing that looks the same. a home is off of the foundation and this brick warehouse looks like it's cut open like the cardboard box and this is that dance studio with 25 people inside and that landed on an elderly couple's home. >> and some people, we had to kick the door in. >> and they were not seriously injured but had some broken bones and some children had minor cuts and bruises and there is that nearby
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chiropractor's office and some building inspectors. i don't think there is any question this build a complete loss. back to you. >> thank you, melanie. metro riders taking the green line and should find things over the weekend. they worked hard to find that and that is shut down. you can see that there is that kink in the track and that is repaired. in addition? heat-related restrictions have been lifted. and some other stories making headlines, police believe a fight led to two people being stabbed in the columbia heights section of midwest and that happened at 49th street and the road. police are asking anyone with information to call them. >> and in maryland,
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investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly housefire and some homes broke out. the firefighters found a woman inside and she was pronounced dead at the scene and that fire caused $200,000 in damage. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a massive house fire in maryland. the flames consumed the front of the house and forced fire footers to evacuate the building. no one was hurt. you're able to cross your fingers before turning on your computer. why many people could be waking up to an internet wipeout. >> no facebook, no twitter, no anything. the latest on the so-called internet dooms day on the other side of the break. time now is 5:07.
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. making headlines, a deadly flood with no warning. it happened in southern russia over the weekend. 170 are dead, 5,000 homes are flood and tire towns without water. the 20-foot guam of water hit overnight saturday with no warning from officials. the president is calling for an
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investigation and today is an official day of morning for the victims. persistent rain is being blamed for a massive fight in china. it washed away part of the road and disrupted rail service for seven hours, strandings thousands of people and hundreds of families have been forced away from the area as mud and rocks continue to slide down. in pakistan, gunmen opened fire on a camp killing seven people and attacked in the town of garat where thousands of hard-line islamists were getting ready to go to the capitol to protest the supply route. and if you're having trouble getting on to the internet this morning, your computer might have malware. many checked their free online services, thousands of people across the united states may have waited too long or did not believe the warnings. if your computer is infected, check with your internet
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service provider. >> and they were running for their lives in spain. the infamous running of the bulls. >> and that is some history-see video. i can't believe people do that. >> me earth. and -- me either. >> and let's check in with tucker running from the heat. >> and, the showers and storms out there at the moment. the forecast temperaturewise as well and some details on the weather forecast monday. coming up after the break. ñ'
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. wax, a live look outside right now and we start the week. that s we all know, the washington monument as we get back to business here on fox 5 morning news. it's that time of the year in spain. the running of the bulls in pamplona. this year, a powerful bull named little blade grabbed the show as he broke from the pack of stampeding bulls and finished the run in two minutes. no major injuries were reported after the event. two runners were taken to the hospital after falling and they should be okay. >> and what is funny, we look at it every leave and -- year and never talk about the bull that run. >> right. >> and never pay attention to the winning bull. >> uh-huh. >> and i think equally dangerous to the bulls. when you fall down, you get
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trampled by everyone. >> right. >> and i don't get it. i'm not that adventurous. >> and they're going to be okay. >> and -- >> no, no. i think we're passed on that one. >> and that is a tradition. >> hot summer. >> yeah. >> and i don't know where that is from. >> like 103 tradition. >> and that is to move off of my floor this weekend and 76 right now in washington. we have cooled off and that is a cold front moving through in late yesterday afternoon and that is on top of us. 79 in annapolis and some cool temperatures moving in and in the 70s and with some several mornings here and in quantico,
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82 and that is going to abe cooler day and that is the first day. enjoy the temperatures and some showers around. not so much inside the beltway at the moment and that is around the area here and some showers includings good thunderstorms to the south and east of the city and into fredericksburg as well and that includes the city of frederick and you had some heavy localized rain. moving west to east here and there you can see it and that is with us for the morning hours. the front is to the south of us. i think, much of the focus of the showers and storms to the south and that is some clouds in the forecast, cooler temperatures with highs in the mid-80s and that is a degree or two below normal.
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85 today and some morning showers and storms and some clouds out, there a couple of showers possible and the storm early and that is continuing for the week. the temperatures all week long in the 80s and into the 60s and 70s and this is going to feel great and that is a look at weather. and got some -- i don't know what we have. just take it away. [ laughter ] >> and whatever you have, i hope it's not contagious. >> and we'll see that and that should be easy enough for me. not a lot is happening on the roads and you can see the raindrops, southbound 270 and to 109. all of the lanes are open and that is in your favor this
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morning and there is no problems on virginia and that is between annandale and this happens to be 395 at duke street and that is reeling and continuing to semmare -- rolling to some narrow road. pepco said that everyone who lost power has got it back. the crews made the last of the connects over -- connections over the weekend. they have three weeks to submit reports to the public utilities commission on how they responded to the storm that knocked thousands off of the grid. >> and pepco is not fuffing as a good organization should. this would be unacceptable for a company their stature to be operating. >> and they asked the ceo toker about the phone lines.
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pepco made $68 million in profit in the first 33 months of the year and that study said it would cost between 5 and $15 million per mile to bury the lines. and seven frustrated. >> yes. >> and that is at least the power is back on. >> yes. >> and some people may have lost it after last night's storm. >> yes. >> and here we are again. and the entertainment world is remembering a legend this morning. coming up next? >> you can be damn sure this is not being run for your personal convenience either. >> and looking back on the illustrious career and life of ernest borgnine. 
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. spiderman is at the top of the box office. the reboot of thecomical classic took the number one spot with $65 million in u.s. receipts and that is the movie ted came in second place and rounding out the top five. brave, savages and the two guys with the same girlfriend and magic mike. we know what that is about. >> and that is -- my mom
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watched it? >> magic mike? >> yeah. the communist generals were treated to an unusual performance by disney characters. mickey mouse and winnie the pooh took the stage for kim jong un. and there were still pictures of the show and that included videos of snowwhite and beauty and the beast. ernest borgnine died yesterday. he is best known for his role on mchale's navy. fox's anita vogel has a look back for us. >> reporter: ernest borgnine was born aramus effron bornino, joining the navy after high school serving for a decade and rising in rank to gunner's mate first class during world war ii. >> you remember all of the inspiration i got when i put that uniform on. >> reporter: afterwards, his
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mother told him to try acting. his career began on stage. his break came in 1953s "from here to eternity." >> you killed them. >> did i? >> and if i did, he asked for it. >> more roles followed and usually as the bad guy n.1955, he took on a different type of character. >> and that is new year's eve, everyone starts arranging parties. >> i'm the guy they have to dig up the date for. >> in marty, searching for love showed his versatility. the role earned him an oscar and later he switched to the small screen in 1962, when he tooks on his most recognizable character, lieutenant commander quinnton mchale in mchale's navy and that show lasted four
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seasons. he didn't stray for long he had memorable wars in 1967s "the dirty dozen." >> you can be sure it's not run for your personal convenience either. >> reporter: and in 1969 "the wild bunch." he married five times and his monthlong third marriage to broad kay star eth el merman in 1964 is one of the shortest. in 1973, he settled down marrying the fifth wife toba. >> how do you like my girl? >> reporter: he kept working until the very end. >> and they don't make them like that anymore. >> reporter: overall, he has a resume with more than 200 projects, earning critical acclaim and reputation as a good guy, despite playing all of those villapes. >> where are you going, buddy? >> reporter: he was not a leading man but he was
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hollywood's top character actor. he never considered himself a cinema legend, most in the industry would beg to differ. he earned a screen actor's would go lifetime achievement award in 2011. >> how proud we are, ernest, that you chose for seven remarkable decades to make your life a life of an actor. >> reporter: anita vogel, fox news. >> he was the voice of mermaid man on the popular kids cartoon spongebob squarepants. mother nature strikes again. more weather-related storms in our area. we'll get a live update from virginia after this. stay with us. ♪
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. wax to fox 5 morning news, monday, july 9th. we like live outside of the washington monument and the trues are working around the clock to restore power after another round of severe storms ripped through the area over the weekend and this is where some things stand. 4,000 customers are pout power and -- are without power and bge reporting more than 1600 outages in ann arundel, howard, prince georges and montgomery counties. >> and we will work to get the latest numbers.
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francis fukes and thomas klaggett elementary schools are closed because on of a lack of air conditioning. and two others are closed because they don't have electricity. all school-sponsored programs and activities are cancelled. all right. let's talk with tucker and the latest on our weather. -- we had more storms come through the area and needed the rain. >> and that is not too severe. >> right. >> and the rain showers continue as we speak and with the cooler temperatures for the day. the big headline there. >> all right. >> and that is cool. >> and cooler. >> cool jeer. and that is still warm and humid out there. >> look at that. >> and that is not 102 like yesterday. >> there you go. >> and you can see a lot of flashing out there and that is the thunder and lightning and some imbedded heavy downpours here to baltimore and to
5:32 am
frederick, the flash flood warnings and we're watching them bubble up and with some rain showers here, we would so plenty of clouds and some showers develop during the day. 75 in washington and 76. 73, baltimore and 76 in ocean city and into hagerstown. into the cooldown and you will night temperature this afternoon. >> we'll take this rain and there some thunder, too. and that hot is causing major problems. the road buckled from the heat.
5:33 am
according to the maryland state highway, the lanes were reopened for the morning commute. >> time now to check in with julie wright. >> we find our lanes are opened traveling around the cap to beltway and that is working in your favorite at this point and there is no problems to the west and to centreville. no trouble spots to report and you continue on northbound i-95 and making your way from the occoquan and 395 and that is still in the clear to hyatts town and into clarksburg and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> and thank you. the cleanup efforts -- forts are underway in fredericksburg, virginia. >> melanie alnwick is live with the latest. morning, melanie. >> reporter: and there is that
5:34 am
chance to look here and this is that ford explorer here and that windshield is broken here and looks like something bounced on top of that and you go to what used to abe dance studio and -- to be a dance studio and this is a building that was once standing and look through the middle of it and there is that trailer knocked over, a large tour bus that is a mess right now and that goes into the straight line through the middle here to the officer of the building and where that landed on top of the house. the roof was ripped off while 25 people were inside and that
5:35 am
landed several hundred feet away and that is being knocked off of its foundation. no life-threatening injuries and some terrifying moments for sure. >> i am glad the elderly couple is okay. that was the main thing and everyone pitched in and helped. >> and there is a couple in the home and they grabbed some people and got them out, and that is a small knee injury on the woman and there is some injuries and looking at the wreckage here and that would have been worse and when you look at this, that is amazing and that you consider there were no life-threatening injuries and there is hardly any time for people so to have
5:36 am
a warning and they huddled inside the safe zone and that could have been worse and some serious damage here. metro riders should take the things back to normal on friday and can you see the big kink in the track and again, that has been repaired. heat-related speed restrictions on all lines have been lifted. >> i. and three boys reported missing over the weekend drowned on maryland's eastern shore and they were found yesterday morning and there is no foul play suspected.
5:37 am
and u.s. lawmakers can get upset. we'll show you one political debate that turned violent. >> and one lawmaker gets so angry, he pulled out a gun. >> wow. >> and what happened next. look at this. >> crazy. quick how many devices in your home use the internet? you're still counting aren't you? today we live online and in a few years the number of devices in your home will double. some networks can't handle it, but verizon fios is 100% fiber optic so it's faster and can handle it, and now a revolution in speed is here -- fios quantum speed, more than twice as fast as america has ever seen. to find out more about fios quantum go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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. making headlines a gun s
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pulled on live the and that happened in jordan during a debate over the crisis in neighboring syria and one accused the other in corruption and that is when the other took off the shoe and threw it with the accuser and took out a gun on live television. the lawmaker could be forced to resign. >> and that is crazy video there. a young woman is dead after an all-duty police officer is gone and accidentally went off. the 24-year-old was at a party over the weekend and police say it issued handgun and went off and there is no word on whether charges will be filed in the case. >> a group of children were shot on the atin st. louis, missouri. three kids were riding their beaks in an aliway. the 56-year-old william parda got into a confrontation. when he took out the bikes, he
5:41 am
got into a gun and started shooting. one of the children is hit in the leg and is expected to be okay. and in syria, president assad gave a require interview -- a rare interview on tv. he also blames the u.s. for the violence. >> what is the role of the united states in this conflict? >> it's part of the conflict. they give the umbrella and political support to them. to create this, to stabilize it. >> and later this morning, u.n., the special envoy kofi annan is meeting with assad. another daredevil takes to the tight rope. coming up next, blind folded and walking backwards. this had big time drama. what had onlookers gasping. and checking weather and traffic. stay with us. ay with us laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks.
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. wax. it's 5:44 on this monday and skies lighting up a bit and that good thing, it's not scorching like before. >> that's true and that is a cooldown. >> yeah. >> and two legends have teamed
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up. you have a chance to see them for free. we're talking about rod stewart and steve nicks. the heart and soul tour comes to the verizon center july 27th. >> for a chance to go to the show g to our website, you must be 18 to enter and a legal resident of cc -- d.c., maryland, and virginia. the complete rules are on the site. >> we have to get my song on this. >> what is that again? >> do you think i'm sexy or? >> don't you want my body? >> yeah, if you want my body and you think i'm sexy, come o baby, let me know. >> is this your theme song? >> no, just love the song. >> okay. >> and talk about the weather. >> and that is -- . >> and that is some temperatures cooling off and some thunderstorms.
5:46 am
76 in washington and that is swill warm and muggy out there and some overnight lows and leonardtown, 73 degrees and some temperatures in the 70s and this is that sentinel radar and watching the thunderstorms and showers bubble up and with that, can you see the front, too and into maryland and virginia. it won't rain but will remain mostly cloudy here and can't rule out a possibility of a few
5:47 am
additional showers and storms later today see what we can find at 5:00 a.m. and in motion here, and some show areas are fading to the south here and some scattered shower across the region and to that northern maryland area, the better chances you will see of afternoon showers and this is what we have seen, all week long some opportunities on tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays to see some showers and enjoy. 85 today, noticeably cooler and some afternoon clouds hanging tough here and dry and that is still muggy out there and we'll take it with some showers and
5:48 am
that is not going to be raining but the weather is unsettled and that is a look at weather. >> and on the road, you will find the lanes are open and that is tod south of 109 and clarksburg. no problems to report and that is some traffic incident free and an easy ride for those into 50 and 123 in vienna. and there is no problems reported between ann dale and mariesfold and to the beltway, 395 in good shape to the 14th street bridge and that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> and thank you, julie. check out this video. a man attempted to walk backward and stum build at one point but recovered and continued.
5:49 am
>> and this is where it took a bad turn. >> and he fell off of the wire. he slipped because of a wind. it was tight roped and he was blind folded. >> and with that 1 miles an hour? may be you lost your footing. >> whatever. >> coming up, the washington nats rolling all-star break and still in first place do. they have enough to keep it going in october. and greatness at the all- england club. the season best. roger federer, not just another wimbledon fight. -- title. dave ross is next. 
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. all right, off of the wall. >> you don't like the music? >> and i like the music. >> and talk about the sports. >> and the nats. not going to the all-star game. >> why not? >> and have questions, shouldn't he go to the game anyway? >> and that is a sense. >> and that might be much.
5:53 am
>> and -- . >> you want to rest up? >> and strikes out and ends the game and how many game lead iss -- leads you think they have over the phillies? >> and i am going to guess seven? >> and with some 14 games. >> adios. >> and i heard about that. >> what do you think about this? they didn't earn it. people got hurt, blah, blah, blah. the system is the system. >> that's right. >> and don't blame young bryce. >> right. he got in the way he got in. it's not his fault. >> no. >> and you put him in. you want the campaign. >> you're next up in line, go. >> no big deal. >> i had no problem at all. in kansas city and be ready for the sec half. >> that's right. >> the whole season. >> wisdom, you're getting older. >> yes, i am. you. >> you think you're still on top of your game?
5:54 am
>> i'm in my prime. >> you think roger fedder er is in his prime? >> i think he is. >> at 30 years old? >> yeah. >> back in the day, nobody is 30 and still in their prime. >> right. >> and -- an however there. >> that's right. >> and that is not brandy murray. all of great britain. >> right. >> and they haven't had a winner there in england in great britain. >> right. >> since 1936. >> that is a long time. >> they have to wait another year. too good yesterday, wins in four sets. wisdom, he's back to being the number one player in the world with the seventh wimbledon and 17 grand slam times. >> at the ripe old age of 30. >> and this is what i noticed. what about tiger woods? why can't he get back to being number one? >> right. >> you see the others move back up. ask can tiger ascend to number
5:55 am
one? >> and he had some issues that they didn't have. >> and that is true. >> yeah, yeah. >> and did the mental part is worse than the other part. >> got to get back to the tournament. >> i am better conditioned now in my advanced age and you're seeing guys like fitter -- federer, right, in better shape than kids were 10, 20 years ago. >> you? >> you see how i put that in there? >> yes. >> we're the dream team. >> we are. >> and you who is on the other dream team? >> kevin durant. >> and what did you think? any problems or missions? >> and i haven't watched this. >> right. >> and this is not a dream team. >> really? and there is only one. >> and that is that original.
5:56 am
>> and -- >> not really. >> they're coming in july. >> i know. >> and -- >> are you going watch? >> and that is not too motivated. >> you can make that happen. >> right. >> and that is classic. >> right. >> and anyway. >> and work that out. >> and i felt bad for andy, too. >> yeah. >> and there is lenty ahead. and today, we say hello to holly. she's new and has been a faithful vower the past eight months and i will talk softly
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